Carrot Juice..?

Why the name Carrot Juice? It’s quite the odd user name, I suppose. But simply put -I looove carrot juice and I just so happened to be drinking some while the snap decision to make this blog arose LOL! So let’s raise our carrot juice and toast to impulsive thinking!

Some Information About Carrot Juice
Commonly know as “miracle juice” or the “gold mine of nutrients” due to its manny, many health benefits. A few of those health benefits would include the following:

  • richest source of Vitamin A -which can strengthen the eyes
  • rich in calcium, copper, potassium, iron and other beneficial minerals
  • many believe it to improve their health

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Twisted Girl Throws Puppies in River!

I was on PETA’s message board earlier today and came across this disturbing story of this twisted girl throwing what appears to be live puppies into a river. If anyone knows who this girl is and whether or not the video is true (the site indicates that it might be a set up in response to a similar video) please inform the police. What she did is revolting, twisted, insane and cruel. I do not wish harm on to her but she needs to be brought to justice!


The wonderful gang at PETA are now offering an cash award for anyone who can help identify the people in the previous video.

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A blog? Saywhaa?

I might never use this, or I may decide to do so eventually. Just decided to snag the name in case I ever decide my life is important enough to share amongst strangers. o: Mmmh, if I ever choose to start blogging it’ll more than likely be just an other vegan food blog. Fuuuuun. I’m not sure I even know how to use this site lol@advanced technology. But in all seriousness, I’ll more than likely use this site just for reading purposes. I’m much more of a reader than a writer actually. d:

Peace n’ Carrots~

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